for Prospective Students

10 minutes from Shinjuku; 5 minutes from Shibuya. Easily accessible from anywhere.<br /> Study, live, and grow in Tokyo, capital of Japan – a city that continues to fascinate the world.<br />

  • Study in Tokyo... A comprehensive Japanese language education program.

    Study the structure and pronunciation of the Japanese language. Our Japanese language education program for foreign students features practical courses in which you will learn how to teach Japanese step-by-step, starting from the basics. The number of students in each class is limited, so that you can receive ample individual instruction. We have educated many foreign students who have graduated and gone on to work as Japanese instructors in their home countries. Thanks to the open curriculum that enables you to go outside your faculty/department to enroll in specialized courses in other departments, you can study a wide range of subjects, including Japanese literature, culture, history, environment or fashion.

  • Live in Setagaya... Experience Japan’s unique energy and pop culture.

    A residential neighborhood in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward, Sangenjaya is renowned as a desirable address for young people where the streets are lined with traditional shops and apartment buildings. This is where the Showa Women’s University campus is located, with educational institutions ranging from kindergarten through university and graduate school, plus a nursery school and a branch of the British School; it also features student residences and cultural facilities such as a world-renowned concert hall and museum. It offers an environment with plentiful greenery that is easily accessible from Shibuya, Harajuku, Shimo-Kitazawa, Jiyugaoka, Shinjuku, and elsewhere.

  • Grow for the future... A campus where you can make lifelong friends and meet role models for the future.

    At Showa Women’s University, many kinds of people come together in pursuit of their respective dreams. On campus, women of all ages mingle, gather, and learn from each other; it is a place where you will make lifelong friends and discover who you want to become in the future. Offering 12 departments relating to humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and a wide range of liberal arts courses, Showa Women’s University is a medium-sized university with around 6,000 enrolled students. With a history of more than 90 years, it cultivates independent, socially active, global-minded women who are able to make a contribution to the future.

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