SWIP(SWU Winter International Program)


After the cancellation of SSIP (SWU Summer International Program) in the last 3 years due to the pandemic, SWU will offer a short-term program that starts with an online lecture/group assignments and continues with a 1-week cultural excursion and intercultural workshops in Japan for winter  2022/2023.
Both students from SWU and partner institutions will engage in group research and activities to nurture a way to see and interpret “culture” with their own eyes by participating in cross-cultural collaborative group work through online and offline phases. 

This winter program not only offers a great opportunity to develop intercultural communication skills by working with students from different cultures in and outside of the classroom but also allows students to experience unique Japanese culture during the New Year season.
SWIP 2022-23 Program Flyer



-Students will take 4 on-demand lectures on Japanese studies and intercultural communication, and submit a short paper on each lecture.
Students will be given group assignments/activities to work on with SWU students to prepare for the group work scheduled during the in-country phase.

-Students will be placed in small groups with both international and SWU students and will be asked to choose a topic to conduct group research on, engage in fieldwork and cross-cultural workshops, and give a final group presentation.
-Students will participate in cultural activities and field trips to experience Japanese culture. (e.g. Tea-ceremony, Hatsumode~New year’s visit to the shrine~, museums, etc.


⮚Female undergraduate or graduate university students whose nominated by their home university.
⮚Must be able to join the online live orientation on December 4th at 9 am (JST).
⮚Must be able to travel to Japan on the designated [IN-COUNTRY] dates.
⮚Must be able to commit to completing online lectures, required assignments, and group works before traveling to and while in Japan.
⮚The program is conducted in English. No knowledge of the Japanese language is required!


   End of November~ December
  *Students are asked to join the online live “Introduction & Orientation” session on December 4th at 9 am (JST) and start on group activities/assignments prior to arrival in Japan.

 January 4th, 2023~ January 12th, 2023 
  *Students who wish to come early or stay longer before or after the program are welcome to do so at their own expense.


Hotel in commutable proximity to campus (may include 20- or 30-min subway ride).


Non-refundable Registration Fee: US $300 (USD)
   *May be waived according to the exchange agreement. Please check with the program coordinator at your home university.
⮚Program fees and accommodation fees are waived for students from partner universities with an exchange agreement.
⮚Students will be responsible for airfare to/from Japan, local transportation for non-program activities, food, travel insurance, and other miscellaneous personal expenses.


1 SWU credit


Please prepare the following 2 documents, informal, and receive a nomination from your home university before proceeding to the below application form.

-Valid passport copy
-Signed “SWU Winter International Program 2022-23 Consent Form
Application Form: https://forms.gle/QkgCA8GJ69uv2YFB6


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