A Message to all foreign students

To all foreign students

As of the middle of 2018, there are 104 foreign students studying at Showa Women’s University, who are provided with support primarily through the Center for International Exchange (CIE). Since the university has a tradition of emphasizing small class-based education, instructors are able to teach their courses with an awareness of each individual student’s level of understanding and participation. Moreover, the university makes it a priority to guide students all the way to graduation by providing a class advisor system, keeping track of each student’s academic results and offering counseling. At the CIE, we strive to build relationships with each individual foreign student so that we will come to personally know each student, while collaborating with instructors from the relevant departments so that we can support students with respect to academics and everyday life in Japan.
With the advance of globalization, today’s higher education institutions have an important role to play in providing opportunities for young people of the next generation to encounter diverse cultures and values. In this sense, I believe foreign students at Japanese universities play a major role. We strongly expect that foreign students at this university will gain an understanding of Japanese language, culture, and society and develop greater expertise, while their presence will serve as an inspiration for Japanese students.
Each member of the CIE staff is devoted to supporting foreign students so that all of them may achieve the targets they have set for their studies abroad.

Professor Sumi Nishikawa
Department of Japanese Language and Literature, Faculty of Humanities and Culture
Chief Coordinator for  International Students

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