Admission for degree students

The following information is intended for international students who wish to attend the degree program at SWU.
For those who are considering to study as am audit student for 1 or half a year before entering SWU, please refer to the directions on [Auditing Students for Credit] on the last paragraph of this page.

General Entrance Examination for International Students
(Undergraduate Program)

General entrance examinations are held in November and February.
From application through selection, all entrance examinations are administered in Japan (Setagaya campus, Tokyo), conducted in Japanese. Before applying, prospective students should obtain information about their preferred faculty/department and consider what they wish to study in their area of specialization. They should also feel free to visit during one of the open campus days held several times a year.

Examination eligibility criteria:
  1. Must be a female who holds citizenship of a country other than Japan and who is able to self-finance her studies
  2. Must be at least 18 years old at the time of starting studies
  3. Must have completed 12 years of courses in the public educational system of a foreign country or have completed equivalent courses or be able to prove that one meets the relevant academic standards*
  4. Must have taken the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) with the score of 250 or above for Japanese. There are also other required subjects depending on the department for which the prospective student wishes to enter.

*For details, please check the entrance examination guide (Japanese).

Selection process: Overall decision on whether to accept application is based on application documents, paper test and interview.
October exam period February exam period
Oct. 3 – Oct. 11, 2016
Accepting applications
Oct. 29, 2016

Day of examinations
Nov. 5, 2016-
Announcement of results
Nov. 7, – Nov. 18, 2016

Enrollment procedures
Apr. 2, 2017

Semester begins
Jan. 16 – Jan. 24, 2017
Accepting applications
Feb. 17, 2017
Day of examinations
Feb. 24, 2017-

Announcement of results
Feb. 24 – March 3, 2017
Enrollment procedures
2, 2017
Semester begins
Transfer Entrance Examination for International Students

Transfer entrance examination is held in November.
The process from selection through entrance examination administration is the same as for general entrance examinations, except in September prior to applying, prospective students need to complete the “Confirmation of Applicant Qualifications” procedure.
-Examination Results of 2016(General and Transfer)
-Examination Results of 2017(General and Transfer)
-Examination Results of 2018 (General and Transfer)

General Entrance Examination for International Students
(Graduate School)

General entrance examinations for graduate school are held in July and February. Applicants who pass the July entrance examination may start their studies in the following semester from October.
-Examination Results of 2016
-Examination Results of 2017
-Examination Results of 2018

For more details, please refer to the below website for prospective students by the Admissions Office.
Entrance examination guide and other required documentations can be downloaded from this page.
*Note that the website is in Japanese

Auditing Students for Credits

The enrollment period for auditing students for credits is six months to at most one year. To obtain a “foreign student visa,” it is necessary to enroll in at least seven university courses.

Application Requirements Applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Must have a desire to attend Showa Women’s University (undergraduate or graduate school)
  2. In the case of undergraduate studies, must have completed 12 years of courses in the public educational system of a foreign country; in the case of graduate studies, must have completed 16 years of courses in the public educational system of a foreign country
  3. Must have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (level N2 or above)
Application Documents Personal history, letter of intent, research plan, financial statement, updated transcripts, proof of graduation (original), copy of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test certificate
Selection Process The overall decision on whether to accept the applicant will be made based on the application documents and interview.
(Reference) Tuition fees
One course = ¥30,000 (¥10,000 registration fee + ¥20,000 auditing fee)Individuals who are considering applying as an audit student for credit should contact the Center for International Exchange (CIE) by e-mail at

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