Semester Programs for Non-degree International Students

Non-degree Semester Programs

SWU offers 2 types of non-degree semester programs for international students. Students currently studying at SWU’s partner institutions may participate in the following programs as exchange students when students meet certain requirements and are recommended by their home institutions. Please consult the study abroad coordinator at your university for your eligibility.
Non-degree Program Guide for International Students 2019

For those interested in taking liberal arts courses in Japanese:
 ①SWU Academic Program

2019 Fall Semester Academic Program Flyer

15 week program offered in both Fall and Spring semesters. Students will take courses offered in Japanese by 13 different departments. Students can learn subjects of their interest and also experience actual Japanese university classes with other SWU students.

Below are lists of courses recommended for international students. In order to register for the courses, students must submit their choice during the orientation period and receive an approval before attending class.
List of Japanese Teaching and General Liberal Arts Courses
List of Courses offered by departments
*There are also several Japanese Language courses designed only for international students.
*Due to limitations on class size and because of the Japanese proficiency level required to take certain courses, applicants may not be able to take all the classes they choose.

For those interested in focusing on the improvement of their Japanese proficiency:
 Intensive Japanese Language Program
2019 Fall Semester Intensive Japanese Language Program Flyer

15 week program offered in both Fall and Spring semesters.
Students are required to take 3 mandatory Japanese Language courses. Students may also take up to 2 liberal arts courses of their choice, either in English or Japanese.
There is also an optional internship experience (maximum 1 month) for students who wish to extend their stay after the program. Below are course descriptions of the 5 mandatory Japanese Language courses.

-Japanese Communication: Through conversation-based lessons, students study common Japanese that is useful in school life, homestays and part-time jobs. <90 minute class: 2 times a week>
-Japanese in Context: Based on weekly topics, students learn active Japanese through use of media, interview sessions, and interactions with Japanese students. There are also visitor sessions where guest lecturers are invited from Japanese firms to present and talk about a variety of topics. <90 minute class: 2 times a week>
-Internship Preparation: Students learn business manners, Japanese phrases used in business situations, and tips on writing business emails and taking business calls. This will prepare students for an optional internship experience following this program. <90 minute class: 1 time a week>
-Intermediate Grammar: Students develop comprehensive Japanese language skills through learning intermediate level grammar. <90 minute class: 2 times a week>
-Intermediate Reading: Through reading lessons, students acquire the skills of reading sentences with accuracy as well as learning vocabulary and grammar in context. <90 minute class: 1 time a week>

Nomination and Application Procedures:

●Nomination(via university offices)
Please nominate your stundents by emailing a Nomination Form

1. Submit the scanned application documents via email by the application deadline.
2. Submit the original documents by mail.
3. Receive the letter of acceptance from SWU.
4. Proceed to VISA application process in your home country.
*Those applying as exchange students should submit documents through the international office of your home institution.

–Required Documents–
Check List of Required Documents
a) Application Form (forms differ by programs)
b)Self introduction and study plans at SWU(by hand)
*Please download the application form of the participating program.
SWU Academic Program Application Form, Self introduction and  Study plans (JLPT N2 level required)
SWU Intensive Japanese Language Program Application Form, Self introduction and study plans (JLPT N3 level recommended)

c)Medical authorization release
d) English transcript of home university
e) English student registration certificate of home university
f) Letter of recommendation
g) Application for Certificate of Eligibility
「Application for Certificate of Eligibility」(Example_ENG)
「Application for Certificate of Eligibility」(Example_JAP)
h) Copy of the ID page of passport
i) 3 copies of ID photo (40mm x 30mm)
-One for application form, One for application for certificate of eligibility and one for ID card at SWU
-The applicant should face squarely to the front
-There should be a plain background with no shadows

Application Deadline:
Fall Semester: May 31
Spring Semester: November 30

For Study Abroad Coordinators at SWU Partner Institutions

Please find here, detailed information on exchange programs, accommodation, and other information necessary for international students.
2019 Information Sheet for SWU Incoming Exchange Students


◆ The Hirao Scholarship Program
The Hirao Scholarship Program was established through a donation from Mr. Koji Hirao, a current faculty member of SWU who served as its fourth Chancellor. The program aims to provide financial assistance to international students from the Southeast Asia region who wish to study at SWU.
Application Information for the Hirao Scholarship Program FY2019 The Hirao Scholarship Program Application Form

Partner Institutions of SWU and Showa Boston Institute

Shanghai Jiao Tong University[CHINA]Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Seoul Women’s University[KOREA]Seoul Women’s University
Hanyang Women’s University[KOREA]Hanyang Women’s University
Vietnam National University, Hanoi[VIETNAM]Vietnam National University, Hanoi
Royal University of Phnom Penh[CAMBODIA]Royal University of Phnom Penh
University College Capital[DENMARK]University College Capital
University of Queensland[AUSTRALIA]University of Queensland
Sogang University[KOREA]Sogang University
University of Warsaw[POLAND]University of Warsaw
RRU[CANADA]Royal Roads University
Kookmin[KOREA]Kookmin University
Sookmyung[KOREA]Sookmyung Women’s University
Tunghai[TAIWAN]Tunghai University
Thammasatt[THAILAND]Thammasat University
FSU[U.S.A]Framingham State University
Spain[SPAIN]University of Alcala
Emmanuel[U.S.A]Emmanuel College
Newbury[U.S.A]Newbury College
Lesley[U.S.A]Lesley University
Purdue[U.S.A]Purdue University Calumet campus
(Buryat State University)[RUSSIA] Buryat State University

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