Facts and Figures

Showa Women’s University welcomes both degree seeking students and international students currently studying at universities abroad who wish to spend a semester or two in Japan.
The diverse values that foreign students bring are a valuable asset for the globalization of the university.
In order to welcome more international students, we will revise the admission system, and strengthen the acceptance of government-funded international students and create new non-degree programs for those starting to learn Japanese.

International Student Data

(As of October 1, 2019)

Number of international students by status
Status Number of students
Graduate degree 16
Undergraduate degree 35
Exchange students 24
Other non-degree students 20
Total 95
Number of international students by country
Country Number of students
China 42
Hong kong 10
Taiwan 4
Korea 19
Italy 3
Cambodia 7
America 1
Vietnam 3
Myanmar 1
Malaysia 2
Poland 1
Total 95
Number of international students by academic majors
Department/Faculty Total number of students International Students
Graduate school of Letters 23 9
Graduate school of Life Sciences 55 7
Faculty of Humanities and Culture 1161 10
Faculty of International Humanities 910 3
Faculty of Humanitiesnational and Social Sciences 1602 7
Faculty of Human Life and Environmental Science 1633 11
Faculty of Global Business 689 4
Other (non-degree) 44
Total 5895 95
Career after graduation

“Many international students go on to graduate schools or find work at a Japanese company. Some students become teachers in their home country, making use of their experience at SWU.”

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