Summer Program for International Students

SWU Summer International Program (SSIP)

*This program is only offered to students currently studying at a SWU partner institution.
This 3 week summer program is designed for students who are interested in Japan, but have not yet studied Japanese.
Students will study about Japanese culture, history and society through a variety of lectures conducted in English and in field trips to historic sites and museums.
Students will also experience collaborative research, discussions and presentations with SWU students in  Cross-Cultural Workshops.
▼SSIP YouTube Trailer
SSIP 2019
Dates: June 21 (Fri) ~ July 8 (Mon)
Application Deadline: March 11 (Mon)
See Program Flyer 2019 for more details.

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How to apply
1. Please download and save the below application form on to your computer first, and open the PDF file in “form format” in order to type in directly to the form.   *Hand-written forms are not accepted
2. Please send the completed application form to
*If you are a student from SWU partner institution in Boston, please send a copy to and your school’s Study Abroad Department.

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