International Student Support

Support for International Students

At SWU, we have implemented a warm and structured support system to meet the needs and circumstances of international students.

1. The Class Adviser System
All students shall be assigned a class with a “Class Advisor”. Class Advisor will support and give advice to enrich your student life and help you become independent members of society. Feel free to ask questions about class choice, career after graduation and more.
2. Japanese Language Support System
Japanese language classes
Japanese language classes for international students range from basic levels in writing, reading, and pronunciation, to advanced reading, academic writing, and business Japanese. Experienced instructors provide individualized instruction to help every student improve their skills.
Japanese Tutor and Conversation Partners
For students who wish to improve their Japanese, SWU offer either a one-on-one tutor and / or conversation partner depending on the students’ needs. Japanese tutors will also help students with assignments and class work in Japanese. SWU students who volunteered to be conversation partners will help students with typical Japanese phrases useful in everyday life.
Scholarship System

There are 3 scholarships for international students.

1. Privately Funded International Student Tuition Exemption System
For those privately funded international students with the visa status of ‘student’ (student studying abroad), annual tuition is reduced by up to 30%.
2. International Student Support Scholarship
For those international students with outstanding academic grades and visa status of ‘student’ (student studying abroad), students are given the opportunity to apply for scholarships (first year students shall receive their scholarship payments in the second term based on their first term grades).
Payment and associated criteria are as follows:1. For those with a grade point average of 75 or more points and an attendance rate of 85%: 20,000 yen/ month.
2. For those with a grade point average of 85 or more points and an attendance rate of 90%: 30,000 yen / month.
*Students who receive other Government or Private scholarships are excluded
This scholarships are available to undergraduate students for a maximum period of 3 1/2 years and when used in conjunction with tuition exemption it is possible to study for half the normal tuition.
3. Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students (JASSO Scholarship)
For selected regular students in the second year or more, a fixed amount of monthly scholarship shall be provided. (Certain criteria standard such as economic situation or performance, etc. needs to be cleared.)

The procedure for obtaining the various scholarships available will be presented each April at the Foreign International Students Scholarship orientation session.

In addition to the above, there are also deferred tuition payment systems and scholarships that substantially cover all students, including foreign students.
For more information, please contact the Center for International Exchange (CIE).

Life in Japan

For most up to date information, please also check the website of the Immigration Bureau
Immigration Bureau

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