International Student Support (Non-Degree seeking student)

SWU offers accommodation and student life / language support for non-degree seeking international students.

Accommodation (Non-Degree seeking student)

SWU offers 3 types of accommodation choices for international students.
Exchange students are asked to submit a request after application to the program, and the students will be assigned an accommodation by CIE according to preference and selection.
(Preference may not be met due to limited number of rooms available)
*Off-campus accommodation choice is subject to change

SWU Gakusei Kaikan
(On campus)
SWU International House (On campus) First House Mizonokuchi
Access 3 min. walk from campus 3 min. walk from campus 30 min. commute by train
Type 2 or 3 bedroom apartment style room shared by 2 or 3 students (approx. 72㎡) Single apartment type room
(approx. 20㎡)
Single room with shared facilities
Room Facility Bed, Desk&Chair, A/C, Closet, Wi-Fi
Following are shared with room-mates:
Bathroom, Shower-room, Kitchen, Washing machine, Fridge, Microwave
Bed, Desk&Chair, A/C, Closet, Wi-Fi, Bathroom, Shower-room, Kitchen, Washing machine, Fridge, Microwave Bed, Desk&Chair, A/C, Closet, Wi-Fi
Following are shared with other residents 
Bathroom, Shower-room, Kitchen, Washing machine, Fridge, Microwave
Rent * 56,000 JPY (shared with 2 roommates)
60,000 JPY (shared with 1 roommate)
*no daily rent
53,000 JPY
*daily rate available
50,000 JPY
*daily rate available
Note Newest Dormitory with elevator -Oldest Dormitory with no elevator
-Visitors not allowed
Residents include male
-Visitors allowed (additional fee for those staying overnight)
-Many events hosted by the house
-No elevator

*Rents are monthly.
For further details and photo of the accommodation, please refer to the information below:
SWU Gakusei-Kaikan Leaflet SWU Gakusei-Kaikan Guide
Showa International House (SIH) Guide

You will have to either rent, buy or bring your own bedding-set.
Rental bedding details and prices can be found here.
* For those whose arrival are delayed, there are also 1-month/2-month/3-month rental plans available.
<Rental bedding price> *Prices are subject to change
1 month     1,980yen
2 months   3,960yen
3 months   5,940yen

Student Life and Language Support (Non-Degree seeking student)

SWU have implemented a warm and structured support system to meet the needs and circumstances of international students.

1. Host Sisters
Each international student studying at SWU for more than a semester is assigned a “Host Sister”. A Host Sister is a student volunteer that helps international students settle in and start their school life. A Host Sister will accompany you and assist with documentation at the ward office, help you open a bank account, and guide you through the campus.
For students who wish, we match them with a “Host Family”.
2. Host Families
For students who wish, we match them with a “Host Family”. A Host Family will welcome each student to their house occasionally, and provide students the chance to experience the typical lifestyle of a modern Japanese family. Students will enjoy going out with their Host Family on weekends and spending quality time together.
3. Language Exchange and Conversation Partners
For students who wish to improve their Japanese, SWU offers a one-on-one language exchange and/or conversation partner depending on the students’ needs. Japanese students who volunteered to be language exchange and/or conversation partners will help students with typical Japanese phrases useful in everyday life.
Seasonal Events

The Center for International Exchange (CIE) offers variety of activities and events for students to experience Japanese culture and customs. Events are offered in both Fall and Spring semesters.

List of events •subject to change
・ International Students’ Welcome Party
・ Kamakura Day trip
・ Overnight trip
・ Hanami(Cherry Blossom viewing)
・ Momijigari(Autumn Leaves viewing)
・ Field Athletics
・ Oshogatsu(New Year’s Celebration)
・ Visits to student club activities (eg Yukata, tea ceremony, Koto)

Life in Japan

For further information regarding travel to Japan, please check the website page below and check the attachment: “Mandatory Student Info”.
Procedure for Admission to SWU and Travel to Japan(in Japanese)

For most up to date information regarding student visa, please also check the website of the Immigration Bureau
Immigration Bureau

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